Tips to improve 3 key Business Analyst skills.
December 15, 2019

Tips to improve 3 key Business Analyst skills.

By Lau

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action”

— Tony Robbins
The path to success is to take massive, determined action. — Tony Robbins Click To Tweet

In the previous post, we talked about the 3 key skills that every business analyst must have: Communication skills, Analytical capacity and Relationship management. In this article, we will see what you can do to improve them and how.

Communication skills.

The way you express your ideas is your biggest strength as a business analyst. In order to improve this skill, you’ll need to work on oral and written communication separately.

Oral communication.

Try to be as clear as possible. This means that sometimes you might have to repeat things, but when you do, try to express yourself differently each time.
Speak slowly and pay attention to your listener’s body language. That will give you the chance to realise if they are actually following your explanation or not. Focus on being understood and ask questions to confirm it if necessary.

Written communication.

Reading more will help you to improve your writing. Seeing how other people make the same documents you need to create can be a great help. Don’t forget that both the font style and font size of your writing have an important impact on their own. Mind your punctuation and never consider a document as completed before having given it a final check.

Analytical capacity.

This is the ability of processing inputs (problems) to transform them into outputs (solutions). Here creativity is the key to improving this skill.


Beginning from the base that our objective is to create a solution, what you will need to work on most is your creativity. In order to create you have to understand the problem and find a software solution for it. If you have a lack of ideas, the easiest way to get new ones is by investigating how others have already solved similar problems. You can use the internet or the library for this. This will give you a great base from where to start.

Relationship management.

This ability is about engaging with the clients through the building of meaningful and trustworthy relationships. The management of your emotions and expressing empathy are a great help to improve it.

1. Emotion management.

Emotional management takes up an important place in the way we interact with others. It’s basically the way we control our reactions when we feel attacted by someone else. In this case it’s empathy that can considerably help you to improve the way you deal with this situation.

2. Empathy.

This is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to connecting with another human being. Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes is the best way to understand what they feel and why they act in the way they do.
It’s when we understand why those who have made decisions that from our point of view might look somehow hurtful, that it becomes easier for us to control our impulse to react negatively.
Putting your empathy in practice means basically, imagining what you would feel if you had to make the same decisions as the person you are trying to empathise with.

The skills are not enough without knowledge, and knowledge is hard to put into practice without skills. Read this article to learn the knowledge the BA must-have.

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