These are all the knowledge that a BA must-have.
July 13, 2020

These are all the knowledge that a BA must-have.

By Lau

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines”

– Robert H. Schuller —
Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines - Robert H. Schuller Click To Tweet

The BA career is not like others, is hard to find a place where to learn it from scratch how to start or what we have to know. When you are a BA beginner, you know more or less what a ba should do but if right now someone gives you a sheet and a pencil and tells us: Do it!… It will be a challenge to figure out how. 

Facing the challenge of becoming a BA implies that we walk a path that sometimes seems that no one has walked before or at least not on the same one. We feel like giving blind steps and don’t know what knowledge we should have or in what depth and without any guidelines, we end up feeling overwhelmed by so much technical information.

“We feel we are giving blind steps, we do not know what knowledge we should have or in what depth and without guidelines, we end up feeling overwhelmed by so much technical information.”

For all these reasons I brought you the list of knowledge that a BA beginner must have to start working as such. This information is very precious, it took me 9 years to get it, keep it and take care of it like gold!

  1. What is business analysis ?. Understand what business analysis is, what it is for and what it involves.
  2. What is a BA and what are the tasks that it performs. Make sure you all the steps that you must carry out to complete the BA tasks in the software development life cycle.
  3. Project management methodologies. Learn about the different software development project management methodologies. Waterfall and Agile are the most used.
  4. Business analyst skills. Learn what the BA skills are. If you lack any of them, make sure to learn them.
  5. What the market currently expects from a BA. Learning what the market is looking for will give us the guideline on which we should focus and know.
  6. Requirement gathering. Learn how to carry out the requirements elicitation. Understand what it is for and how to do it yourself.
  7. Elicitation interview. Learn how to interview a stakeholder.
  8. User stories writing. How to write user stories to record the elicitation.
  9. Analysis. The analysis is almost a skill rather than a knowledge, but by understanding that you have to analyse, you can use our analytical skill to go through this stage.
  10. Database. It is not necessary to know the database but it’s a plus.
  11. SQL. The same as the databases, learn what this is and how to use it. To have this knowledge will put you ahead of those BA who don’ have it.
  12. Documenting functional solutions. This is very important. It will be your final deliverable, the result of all our work. There are several methodologies to accomplish this, look for templates. 
  13. Make UML diagrams. Nowadays it is not so important to know how to use the modelling tools because with the Agile methodologies the documentation tends to be minimised, but as the database and SQL, this is another plus.
  14. Perform UAT testing. It is not always performed, but it is good to at least know what it is about.

Now you have the list of knowledge you must-have, this will be your goal to achieve. And when you have already obtained the knowledge, you may want to know how to put it into practice.

Here you can download for FREE, a Methodology that will give you a guide to know what the business analysis tasks are and in which order to execute them.