The four reasons why Business Analysts have to do the UAT.
January 12, 2020

The four reasons why Business Analysts have to do the UAT.

By Lau

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

— Walt Disney
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We learned last time about User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Conventional Testing and the role each plays in the software development cycle. [Read more] You may wonder why ‘User Testing’ is executed by the Business Analyst (BA) instead of being completed by someone from the quality assurance area? After all, the UAT’s purpose is to evaluate if the developed software solution meets the user requirements, right?

Let me explain why:

1. Evaluation of Business Requirements.

Business Analysts gather user requirements, thus, are the best people to check whether the built solution meets the user’s needs or not. Basically is their expertise and their business knowledge what makes them the right person for carrying on this type of test.

2. Solution knowledge.

“Implementation” (final stage in the software development life cycle) is when stakeholders are trained to use the software solution. But at the UAT stage, the user hasn’t yet received this training. Therefore, the BA is most qualified to conduct testing.

3. Defects assessment. 

Then again, the Business Analyst knows the Business. They can help to assess the severity of software defects and their impact on the Business. Therefore, after having finished the UAT the Business Analyst can inform to the developer and tell them what it needs to be changed and why.

4. Acceptance Criteria understanding. 

It’s the user responsibility to write the acceptance criteria, which is basically to set the criteria that the solution must meet in order to be accepted. But in the practice is the Business Analyst who ends up doing this job with the user approval. For this reason the Business Analyst is as important as the user to be in the UAT.

So, to wrap-up, the Business Analyst completes User Acceptance Testing because he/she is the most qualified to ensure the quality of the solution.

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